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Types of insurance covers

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Third Party:
This is the most basic insurance type, and is the minimum coverage that allows you to drive legally. This covers liability
  • for injuries to other people, including passengers.
  • for damage to other people's property.
  • of passengers for accidents caused by them.
  • arising from the use of a caravan or trailer, while attached to the car.

Third Party Fire and Theft:
Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) is the basic insurance package favoured by younger learner drivers on their first or second provisional licence, and people who prefer not to pay for fully comprehensive insurance. It covers previous plus:
  • Fire or Theft - If your car is not normally kept in a garage at night, theft cover may be excluded or subject to special conditions. There may be an "excess" - a part of the cost of the claim for which you are responsible - following an incident of theft. If you are selling your car make sure you receive proper payment before parting with it. Your insurance policy will not cover your loss if your car is taken from you by deception.
Fully Comprehensive Insurance:
This covers both above plus:
  • Accidental damage to your own car. There may be an 'excess' - part of the cost of the claim for which you are responsible.
  • A personal accident benefit. Certain amounts are paid in the event of the death or specific permanent disablement of the policyholder - and sometimes his or her spouse or family member.
  • Medical expenses necessarily incurred, up to a stated limit.
  • Loss of or damage to personal effects in the car, up to a stated limit.
Why is Insurance for Learner Drivers so high?
Insurance companies know that new drivers are a bigger insurance risk than any other motoring group and here are the facts to prove it:-

As a new driver, you are more likely to have an accident in the first year after passing your test than at any other time in your motoring career.
Per mile of driving, the risk of an accident involving injury or death is about seven times greater for 17-20 years old than for those aged 40 or over.
Drivers under 21 are involved in 15% of all accident deaths.
New drivers make up just 10% of licence holders, but are involved in 29% of accidents.

Because of these factors insurance premiums are very high for the new driver. However there are ways to cut your insurance premium Tips for reducing your UK car insurance premiums » Click here
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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