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Reporting for driving practical test

During the practical driving test the examiner will come across for the safe standard of driving and the learner driver has to demonstrate their skills through different scenario.
  • You have to show the concern towards other road users
  • Must have ability to drive a car
  • Must be aware of various road hazards
  • Capable to perform the driving maneuvers
  • Considered the vulnerable road users

During the test day, you should arrive at least 15 minutes early and must hold the driving license with photo card identity. If you forget to bring the documents you will not be able to perform the test and lose your fee. You should always try to arrive at early for the test or else you will not be taken in the test center.

Driving Standards Agency may reject to take your test if you forget to bring following documents:
  • You must hold the overall pass certificate of driving theory test or confirmation letter. Or you can carry the multiple choice pass certificate and hazard perception pass certificate separately.
  • You should carry the proper vehicle insurance paper with license vehicle displaying L plates.
  • You must hold the sign driving license and legal passport if you have an old paper driving license. Other for of identification will not be accepted
  • If you are appearing for the moped or motorcycle test then you must entitle with the compulsory basic training course certificate.
  • If you are approaching for motorcycle module two then you must hold the pass certificate of motorcycle module one.
  • Due to any misfortune if you misplace the driving license before the test then you should inform immediately to the driver vehicle license agency and the test centers.

In such situations DVLA might take more than two weeks time hence the test must be rearranged.

You are allowed to take someone during the driving practical test. Generally you can take your friends, relatives, driving instructor but they should be more than 16 years of age and should not help while driving. They should assist to motivate and feel you comfortable while driving.

If you desire to take someone then you should take the driving instructor because after completing the driving practical test they will give the appropriate feedback regarding the driving, whether you are good, excellent, poor or bad.

Remember if:
  • No licence
  • No photo
  • No test
and you will lose your fee!

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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