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Drive carefully and avoid driving offenses

While driving it is imperative for you to drive safely and responsibly and avoid the offenses of driving. You should follow all of the driving rules and regulations. These rules are set for the safety of the masses.

It is not very uncommon for people to drive while they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. This is very dangerous and such driving offenses invite huge penalties, points on your driving license.

Drink, drug and speed driving could lead to serious accidents on road and this will not only put your life in danger but also destroys others life within seconds. Driving rules are created for our safety. As responsible citizens it is important for each of us not to drive while we are under the influence of alcohol or drug.

We should not exceed the prescribed speed limits or talk on mobiles while we are driving.
Follow the road rules and regulations while driving.

Driving on the wrong side, doing stunts could also lead to serious accidents. What this also means is that you yourself will not be safe neither will everyone in your car or everyone on the road be safe. Such accidents could be fatal and could also lead to death. Additionally, if you are caught and pulled over you will face license suspension, fees and fines and worst even jail time. Hence think 100 times before risking yourself!

Since 1st of December 2003 it became an offence to use a mobile phone while driving. The fixed penalty was a £30 or up to £1,000 on conviction in court (£2,500 for drivers of goods vehicles, buses or coaches).The new rules are applied to the drivers of motor vehicles on the road, including cars, motorcycles, goods vehicles, buses, coaches and taxis.

Wearing a helmet while riding on a motorbike is compulsory for the riders and the passenger sitting behind. It is for riderís safety

Driving safely is not very difficult.
You simply need to be alert and follow the safety rules.

Driving is a privilege and do not let it go by committing driving offenses.
Donít drive if you are feeling tired or sleepy.
Drive only when you are sober, when you can give your full and complete attention. Do not let your freedom get affected by committing driving offenses.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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