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Are you preparing for UK DSA driving theory test?

Do not spend your money on multiple driving theory test attempt.
Pass at first attempt. Pass with confidence.

If you are preparing for your practical driving test, you need to pass your DSA driving theory test before you can appear for the practical test.
Driving theory test consists of multiple choice questions and hazard perception test.

Always make sure you take your driving lessons from approved driving instructor.
Role of driving instructor is very important in your driving tests.

According to recent new from Driving Standards Agency -
New powers to suspend driving instructors

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) who pose a significant threat to the safety of the public will face immediate suspension under new legislation which gained Royal Assent today.

The Driving Instruction (Suspension and Exemption Powers) Act 2009 will close a loophole in existing law by allowing the Registrar of ADIs to immediately suspend ADIs who pose a threat to learner drivers and other road users while they are removed from the register permanently.

It currently takes 45 days to remove instructors from the register of Approved Driving Instructors, during which time they can continue to give driving instruction.

The new law originated as a Private Member's Bill introduced by Willie Rennie MP and was supported by the Department for Transport and Driving Standards Agency who also provided technical and organisational assistance.

Transport Minister Paul Clark said: "The Government has been pleased to support Mr Rennie’s Bill."

The overwhelming majority of driving instructors provide tuition in a professional manner but a small number fail to maintain these standards.

These new suspension powers will allow the Registrar to protect the public in those few instances where there is a need to take immediate action to prevent an instructor from working with learner drivers.

Willie Rennie MP (Dunfermline and West Fife) said: I am delighted that this Private Members Bill has reached the statute book, and I would like to offer my thanks to all of those who have supported me throughout this process. It will send a b message to those driving instructors who are guilty of an offence and present a danger to the public that they will no longer be able to carry on as normal.

This will improve the safety of learner drivers and will also offer support to the vast majority of instructors who conduct themselves quite properly in carrying out the valuable role of teaching young people to drive.

It is anticipated that the Registrar will use the suspension power only in exceptional circumstances.The Driving Standards Agency intends to consult early next year on the detailed arrangements for implementation of the Act.

The new suspension power will also apply to Potential Driving Instructors, who are authorised to provide instruction using a trainee licence.

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On the website, you can access entire official DSA driving theory test question bank as well as interactive hazard perception clips for car and bike driving theory test.

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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