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New Driving Test

Driving test changes came into existence from 23rd January 2012. The theory test was coming into existence in the year 1996. From the date 1996 the theory test pattern was almost the same and the learner motive was to read and pass the driving theory test without any theoretical knowledge and understanding of the theory test in driving.

The government of United Kingdom wants every learner driver to strengthen the theoretical concept and improve the driving skills when the driver is on the way. To reduce the accident rate in which the inexperienced driverís are disproportionately involved hence the Driving Standard agency has announced the last November 2011 to stop publishing the same question sets for each driving test. The changes came into existence on 23rd November 2012.

With this massive change it has changed the whole driving scenario in driving theory test. The DSA has stopped the word to word question sets asked in the driving theory test. The learner was worried after the sudden change in the driving test but this change was done for the benefits of the learner drivers. After this change the driver start paying attention towards driving theory test concept and tries to understand the concept. This has to stop the learner to memorize the theory concept and made them to understand the theory concept. It has also proven that if the learners understand the concept can clear the exam easily in the first attempt without any complications in exams.

The theory test pattern is same only the multiple choice questions part is changed. The multiple choice questions will randomly ask for the DSA Official latest driving theory test revision questions and the question will not be repeated in the driving test. The learner has to read accordingly and appear in the test. The rest pattern are the same it will be taken in the touch screen computer with 15 minutes practice session. The questions are 50 in which the learner has to get 43 minimum to qualify. The time period will be 57 minutes to pass the test. The second section will be a hazard perception test with 14 video clips and 15 developing road hazards in it. The video clips hazards are based on different road hazard and the driver has to respond the developing hazards.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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