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Hazard Perception Element In Dsa Driving Theory Test

Hazard perception element plays vital role in DSA driving theory test. Hazard perception test is the second part of driving test and need to be passed at the same given time period. The hazard perception test was introduced in the theory test to reduce the mishaps on the road. The main motive was to improve the hazard awareness and increase the knowledge of the inexperienced learner driver.

The hazard is taken on a computer screen and learners simply need to identify the hazard to get the hazard score. These clips are based on various road scenes such as pedestrians, motorways, animals. Weather conditions, schools, junctions etc. The hazard perception test has 14 hazard video clips and each clip represents one minute each. One clip has two developing hazards and hence there are 15 hazards in 14 video clips. The learner should understand the hazard video clips before responding it. As soon as the potential hazard turns into developing hazards the learner should respond to get the highest score. The score is based on quick response of the candidate who is operating the computer. With the help of a mouse button the learner can click on right or left mouse button to rectify the hazards.

The DSA has introduced hazard to reduce the road accidents, increase the understanding capability and strengthen the skill of the learner driver. The scoring window is divided into five equal segments and each segment has its five marks. If the candidates respond in the first segment of scoring window will get 5 marks and the in the last segment will score 1 mark. If they respond outside the window will score zero. That means there will be no marks if the candidates respond outside the window. Don't try to click too many times on the developing hazards at the same time window. If you click too many times on the same time window the computer score window will not count any marks for those clicks. The candidates should pay complete attention to the opening window and click minimum times as the candidates rectify the developing hazards.

The learner driver can practice multiple choice questions from the DSA question bank but the driving standard agency does not reveal the real clips to practice by the learner drivers. This is because the learner should understand the initiative of the hazards rather than memorizing the clips by-heart.

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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