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Driving Theory Test In The Touch Screen Computer

Driving theory test is conducted in the touch screen computer which is easy to use and it is very convenient. The touch screen helps the candidates to complete the test as early as possible. To reduce the writing burden and to save the time of the learner driver the driving standard agency has introduced the system of touch screen in driving test. This system helps the candidate in many ways.

The touch screen is a visual screen where the theory test questions will be displayed in it. The learner has to read the questions given in the touch screen panel. They have to understand the questions and with the help of a mouse button they have to click on the correct answers. There will be alternate answers for the given question learner need to select the answers and just need to click on it. The system is designed in such a way that even if the candidates is having any special needs can manage to give the theory test. They are provided with the help and other requirements as per their needs. Any of the candidates has problems regarding the touch screen computer can take the help of staff members. The staff members are there to help the candidates in the exam hall.

The driving theory test has two components and both the components are taken on the touch screen computer. The learner has to pass both the test at the same driving centers with the given time period. The learner will be given 15 minutes to practice before the real test start. They should get familiar with the test and computer within 15 minutes. The hazard perception test is second components of driving theory test. It is also taken in the same touch screen computer. There are 14 video clips with 15 hazards. Each clip will last longer for 1 minute each and contain 5 marks for each. The total marks for the clips will be 75 for car and motorcycle in which the learner needs to score 44 marks. The learner can easily score marks in the touch screen computer because they simply need to click anywhere on the window to make the computer that you have spotted hazard.

This is how the touch screen computer helps the learner driver to solve the theory test paper online within 57 minutes.

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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