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Driving Test: Theory Test Pattern

To get the valid unique full driving license the learner need to pass the driving theory test. It is very easy if the learner driver practice well before appearing the theory test. The theory test came in live from 23rd January 2012. The small change in theory test has brought the massive changes in the learner driverís thinking.

Initially the learner used to read the theory test and memorize the things to pass the driving theory test. As the changes came into existence the learner start worrying about the theory test pattern and they started paying more attention towards driving theory test. The DSA has introduced the changes to help the learner to improve the theory skills in driving. They want the learner to understand the base not to just mug like a parrot. The theory test pattern is the same only questions are not the same. The multiple choice question asked in the exam is not the exact what it used to be asked before 23rd January2012. The questions will not be asked for the particular reliable learning source material. The questions will be from the revision question bank issued by DSA but it wonít be exact or word to word.

The questions asked in the exam will be randomly selected from the question bank and will not be same in every exam of the driving theory test. Only this change has been made and rest all pattern is same. The multiple choice questions are still taken in the touch screen computer. The learner has to answer the question with the help of a mouse button. The total question for car and motorcycle theory test will be 50 and the learner needs to score 43 marks to pass. The overall time to complete the test will be 57 minutes and 15 minutes to practice before they start the actual test.

The hazard pattern is again the same with the same 14 hazard video clips. The hazard perception test is taken in the computer screen and the learner has to click on the developing hazard to get the scores. The total score for the hazard perception test is 75 in which learner must get the minimum 44 marks to pass. The scoring is easy if the learner rectify the developing hazard sooner. The hazard is same for small and large vehicle and the score marks is different.

Hence learner should understand the theory concept and should not be worried or anxious about the theory test. They should read and understand to improve the driving skills and knowledge to pass the theory test.

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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