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Tips To Pass Your Motorbike Test In 1st Attempt

The motorbike test in the country like the United Kingdom is very challenging. The learner can pass the motorbike test at the first attempt if they practice well and can perform the riding in the proper way.

The motorbike test consists of two parts one is a motorbike theory test and motorbike practical test. The learner has to pass both the test to get the full motorbike driving license. They have to pass compulsory basic training (CBT) test before appearing for the motorbike test. CBT is must for motorbike riders and moped riders. The learner can learn and understand the theory concept but practical they have to practice regularly to be familiar with it.

The motorbike theory test is consisting of two elements multiple choice question and hazard perception test. Both the elements are important to pass the theory test and to get the theory test pass certificate. The multiple choice questions are asked in the touch screen computer with 50 multiple choice questions. The learner has to answer the entire 50 question with the help of mouse button clicking on the computer screen. They can score a minimum 43 marks to pass the multiple choice question in an exam. The motorbike theory test is taken in the various test centers.

The hazard perception test is also conducted in the touch screen computer with the 14 road hazard video clips. One clip has 2 developing hazards hence there are 15 hazards one minute each. These hazards are based on road scene hazards such as children’s playing on the road, senior citizens are crossing the road, large vehicle moving over the side of the road, road construction work, emergency vehicle, hidden junctions, road surface, parked vehicle etc. These road hazards always create problems on the road against the vehicle. The learner must understand the hazard before appearing for the hazard perception test. The hazard perception test is useful in motorbike theory as well as practical test both. In theory the learner has to identify in video clips but in practice the learner has to perform as riders and overcome with the road hazard. After passing motorbike theory test learner riders can apply for the motorbike practical test.

The motorbike practical test has two modules and both modules are important to pass. Module one is about off road maneuvers and Module two is about safety road test with the eyesight test. The learner rider cannot escape any of the module either module one or module two. After passing the both the modules the candidates must sit in the waiting room to get the pass certificate.


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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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