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About DSA Driving Practical Test Maneuvers

The driving maneuvers are the very important part of driving practical test. The driving practical test cannot be taken without driving maneuvers. Driving maneuvers are the set of exercise where every learner driver has to perform and reveal their driving skills.

The driving practical test starts with the eyesight check, some vehicle safety questions and some driving maneuvers. When the candidate is carrying out the set of exercises the examiner looks for the overall safety of the examiner and safe driving. The candidates can make 15 driving faults but more than 15 can make the candidates to fail in the practical driving test. The reversing exercises will be selected from the reversing around the corner, turning in the road, reverse parking. There is one emergency stop exercise and it is asked in the exam.

Here Are The Some Driving Maneuvers:
Turning in the road: Move off safely and under control on level road, from behind a parked vehicle and on the gradient where practical. Always check the blind spot on the right hand shoulder and stop on the left. Make sure the road is clear and the indicators have cancelled. Drive ahead on first gear slowly using clutch control and turning the steering wheel to the right.

Reverse around the corner: When you reverse around left you should try to reverse the car smoothly, correctly, safely under full control. The examiner normally asks the candidates to pull up just before a side road on the left, and ask for the reverse from left. When driving at the junctions drive to the point and check the road conditions and traffic on the all directions. Take all round observations before reversing around the corner and reverse very slowly keeping the eye over pedestrian and traffic on the road.

Reverse parallel parking: The candidates should be able to park the car safely either at the kerb by reversing into the space about two car lengths. Make useful all round observations. One must have ability to control the vehicle accurately when parking on the road and must have effective observation throughout the driving maneuvers with concern for the other road user.

Emergency stop: The emergency stop is a part of driving maneuvers and asked in the driving practical test. The examiner will try to observe the high level skill in bringing the vehicle to a stop, safely promptly and under full control avoiding locking the wheels. In wet weather it can take twice to stop safely hence the candidate has to pay more attentions without skidding on the road.

The driving test can not completed without driving maneuvers.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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