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Cheap car insurance

Car insurance can seem expensive; this is particularly true for young or new drivers. But there are plenty of ways to reduce your insurance premiums. Firstly, you need to consider the make and model of car you wish to drive. Young driver especially fall into the trap of buying a car that looks nice, but is expensive to run. 

Young and new driver insurance is more expensive than for experienced drivers, and this is largely due to a lack of no claims bonus. When you first begin to drive, you should purchase a cheap car; build up your driving history, and only then start considering nicer cars. When buying a car you should take into consideration the costs of insurance before you make the purchase. If you are looking to reduce costs, then this is the only sensible option. Most insurance companies use a ranking system in determining how much a customer should be paying for insurance. The higher the group you are deemed to belong to, the more expensive your premium will be. So, in order to ensure that you have cheap car insurance, you need to make sure you fall into a lower insurance bracket. The group into which a car falls is determined by several factors, including: colour, how easy it is to purchase replacement parts, the engine size, manufacturer etc.

The following lists some of the best cars for getting cheap car insurance:

Ford Fiesta: providing that you purchase a Fiesta with a small engine and without modifications, then you can receive some really good insurance deals here. Because the cars are so popular, the parts are easily replaced; this means that the insurance companies pay less to have the cars repaired. 

Peugeot 206: Not as cheap to insure as the Fiesta, they are still one of the best value cars in the market today. So long as you stick with a bottom range 206, your insurance premiums will be cheap. 

Vauxhall Corsa: the 1.1 engine size falls into the cheapest insurance bracket, the larger engines become more expensive to insure, but they are still excellent value. 
Additionally, these cars are all cheap to run; road tax is fairly cheap and the size of the engine means they are not ‘gas guzzlers’ – definitely favourites among new and young drivers. 

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